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New 2010 Steiff Bears

We like to invite you to preview some of the 2010 limited edition Steiff Teddy Bears.

This is Reinhard – the Schulte Patchwork Teddy

For more than a century, the famous fabric mill Schulte has provided Steiff with superior quality mohair, alpaca, and fine woven fabrics for their Teddy bears and animals. After a long and productive relationship, the two companies have now joined forces. Steiff  purchased this legendary fabric mill – now known as “Steiff Schulte.” To celebrate this partnership, Steiff created a special Teddy bear that pays tribute to the creativity and innovation of both companies. It’s a first-of-its-kind patchwork bear that displays a small sampling of the thousands of fabrics that Schulte is able to create. Made from 11 swatches of mohair and alpaca (dense, sparse, new, distressed, straight, curly), each piece of fabric harmonizes beautifully to create an exceptionally appealing Teddy bear with real character. To commemorate this milestone event in the history of the Steiff company  you can  add Reinhard, the Schulte Patchwork Teddy bear to your collection. If you want us to keep one for you please email Anke at

This is Limpy – like Reinhard another first Steiff creation.

“What if,” a Steiff designer wondered, “it was possible to tie-dye mohair, the way you tie-dye a t-shirt? What effect would you achieve?” For the answer, look no further than Limpy, another of Steiff’s designer Teddy bears in the 2010 collection. Steiff Schulte artisans very eagerly accepted the challenge of creating this entirely new type of mohair coloring. The result is another first for Steiff. The tone on tone effect is an ever-changing, swirling mix of brown and blond tones. It makes no two Teddy bears exactly alike! But the mohair isn’t the only unique aspect of this unusual Teddy bear. He’s a completely new face in the Steiff assortment. He has a cream-colored mohair complexion accented by apricot and black airbrushing. His nose is lightly waxed. The insides of his ears are sewn with a longer pile cream mohair to accent his face. The edges of his paw pads are very lightly airbrushed to add extra dimension. With his broad smile and sparkling eyes, he’s a very contented Teddy bear – just waiting to bring some happiness to your collection – and your home

The Big Freeze

The sun is warming everything around us for the past days but it is still very chilly. A few month ago the big freeze has put Bear Essentials under a blanket of snow. Our video is a reminder of a beautiful white sunny day in December with Brandy, Charlie and Sparky enjoying the snow.

White Christmas at Bear Essentials Ireland

Significance of a teddy bear???

Teddy Bears come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t really count how they look like to me. What matters is how they appear to you or what they signify for you. It has something to do with feelings, either the situation you were in when you bought the bear (if you felt happy or sad) or the significance of the relationship to the person who gave the teddy to you (a boyfriend, child, parent, grandparent….).

Isn’t that why we love this special teddy bear so much?
From bears who visit our teddy bear hospital we know how much they mean to their owners. They have been part of their life for some time. They have been going on a journey with them through good and not so good times and some of them desperately need a bit of a facelift to carry on.
Some have been loved, some have been neglected some been insured by a dog but they all have a momentous relationship with their owner.

This is one of the reasons why so many people buy real mohair teddy bears nowadays. We have seen on shows like the Antique Road Show how much a famous old Steiff teddy bear could be worth. If we want to give a present to someone we usually like to make that present last a long time. Mohair teddy bears, made from the hair of the Angora goat are so durable they can last not just one generation but many.

I wish I still had a teddy bear from my mum or dad.
We like to encourage you to get out your favorite teddy bear and think what he means to you.
May be you like to share your story with us, we are looking forward to hear from you.

The Adorable Teddy Bear

October 12, 2009 1 comment

100_0540The teddy bear- charming, loyal and cuddly- is probably one of the most enduring treasures of childhood. First produced in 1902 in Germany by Steiff, he (the bear) was designed as the boy’s alternative to the doll. “Friend Petz” was accepted because of his loving and sincere characteristics.
Almost at the same time a teddy bear was created in America and gained popularity there as well.
The teddy bear was named after “Teddy”- Theodore Roosevelt who was the 26th President of the United States.

The Comforting Teddy Bear

Various professionals depend upon the ability of the teddy bear to lend an air of warmth and security to an intimidating situation.
Doctors rely upon teddies for explaining, reassuring or comforting children; deaf children can often be reached by sign language when it is conveyed through a teddy bear.
Many parents can recall using the teddy bear to help their small children overcome a seemingly unsolvable problem for instants a temper tantrum.
I used a teddy, with my unrecognisable voice, to speak to my daughter who woke up at night screaming. Teddy’s talking made her listening & laugh and she quite happily went back to sleep.

The power of the teddy bear to comfort often lasts  beyond childhood and is reflected in the mascot or talisman that  goes everywhere with his owner, providing moral support during examination or rallies athletes’ to higher level of play.
Quiet often we give a teddy bear as a first gift to someone we have fallen in love with.

The Relationship

The relationship between teddy bears and their owners is reciprocal; people take care of their bears but feel that their bears take care of them. The bond between owner and bear begins when the teddy was first received and lasts through all ups and downs of their owner’s life. Those teddy bears are often been passed on to children, grandchildren or close friends.
Well loved and  far travelled teddy bears end up with us at Bear Essentials Teddy Bear Hospital to be restored and t be fit to last another life time. Some bears are over 50 years old. Some are almost beyond repair but still with a bit of new material and with keeping some of his old, charming features they all get a new lease of life.

The Collector Teddy Bear

Collectors recognize the classic teddy bear by its well-defined features, unique personality and quality of construction.
Bears made from antique plush or mohair with high grade felt, velvet or suede paws are among the most valued. Jointed legs, arms and head are also important.
Black boot-button eyes are hallmarks of the classic teddy bear as well as the embroidered black nose & mouth.
The stuffing should be also of high quality pellets, superfine wood wool, sheep wool or kapok (a natural material from a kapok tree).
Some bears have been given voices through the installation of a growling mechanism.

Who would have thought that the craze for teddy bears would be as popular today or even more fashionable as it was over 100 years ago?

Nowadays you not only have the choice to purchase a teddy bear from a companies or shop but be fortunate to pick up your own personalized teddy bear by a private Bear Artist. This bear might be completed as a small limited edition or even a one-off limited edition that is just looking for you.

All of Anke’s teddy bears are one off limited editions, but some belong to special collections who are similar in design for example “Lakeland Bears” or “Little Rascals”.

To all our readers we like you to bear in mind that each teddy bear takes on his own identity from the artist who created him and who trusts that the bear be valued for his unique design, the quality of materials and its potential to becoming a lifetime friend for its owner.

International Rural Tourism

Last week we had 4 International Rural Tourism delegates from 3 countries (Netherland, Bulgaria & Germany) visiting Ireland for a couple of days to work on an international accredited Train the Trainer Course.

From Ireland John Tolan of CMRD, Noelle CMRD and from Athlone Institute Kevin Mc Loughlin had organised the event. The international group is working under the Leonardo da Vinci Partnership.

We facilitated the one day event in the Silver Bear Centre. While I was involved in delivering a hands-on workshop on Entrepreneurship and Train the Trainer core competencies in the morning, the afternoon got us all working hard on the different levels involved to achieve accreditation.

Kevin delivered an inside how it works here in Ireland and what needs to be done to get it approved.102_1740

Through activities and lots & lots of discussions I learned a bit more about the status in other countries and the different needs regarding rural tourism and especially rural tourism training.


We like to thank everyone, especially our visitors to Ireland for their valuable and active input all day.

It was great meeting you and we wish you great success.

Thanks for visiting Bear Essentials in the neck of the woods.

Here are Carolien, Paula, Desi and Boris links to rural & Eco tourism.


Read more on the Ruraltourisminternational Blog>>>

Why is teddy bear making so rewarding?

To design teddy bears and creating their own characters is just one way of expressing our creativity. Like an artist painting a picture or a potter building a vase it gives us the opportunity to invent, to form, to produce something new and unique. The innovative product is our reward and for me as a teddy bear artist the prize is that people like my creations and buy and collect them.

102_1630 But a real thrill for me is when other people can experience the same then I do.

It is great when you can pass on your skills to people and it is exciting if they give you fine feed back on their experience.

A mum who took part in a course with her daughter wrote back to us with words like “We were impressed with our efforts” – “We were trilled and chuffed and didn’t think we had the confidence and skills to do such a great job.” Isn’t life to be there to experience it in full? To be able to do so we have to learn all the time and at all stages of our life.

This little girls is not even 6 years of age and embroidering her newly made teddy bears nose. And the boys get really enthusiastic about sewing. The ladies in the button picture show off their bears at a course I delivered in An Grianan in Co.Louth this August 2009.102_1554